Welcome to Krasner Jewelers!  We are all about keeping our customers happy by providing timeless pieces of jewelry to last a lifetime.
<p”>We pride ourselves in personalized service: one-on-one appointments where we work with you to design a unique piece of jewelry unsurpassed in beauty and individuality. There are no sales people, no ‘closings’, and no pressure – just a relaxing, informal environment conducive to the creation of fine jewelry pieces which are unique and special.

Krasner Jewelers are members of the California Jewelry Association, the Jewelers Security Alliance and the Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association.

Milton Krasner, G.G., GIA, is the owner and CEO of Krasner Jewelers, located at 3262 Holiday Court Ste. 205, in San Diego, California.

Milton KrasnerMilton is a respected member of the jewelry industry and has been involved actively since 1980, starting his career in San Diego.

His college training was in jewelry production and design and for 22 years he was co-owner and VP of a large jewelry manufacturer and showroom in San Diego, California.

Milton has worked in a wide array of the jewelry industry including; as a technician in casting and finishing, as a manager overseeing ten jewelers in production and manufacturing, as a refining technician of gold and silver, as a quality assurance supervisor (vital to the manufacturing process), and as a sorter and selector of gems and diamonds for custom design production.

In addition to being an experienced jewelry designer, Milton is trained in Gemvision – a comprehensive computer 3-D program for digital designs.

We specialize in:

  • Custom Work
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Rings
  • Expert Jewelry Repair
  • Jewelry Restoration
  • Colored Gemstones
  • Diamonds
  • Insurance Replacements
  • Jewelry Appraisal

Our History

Louis and Fanny Krasner, parents of Milton Krasner, worked in the jewelry business in South Africa between 1944 and 1977.
These photos were taken sometime in the 1970s.

Krasner’s Jewelers as it was in 1943. The store was located at 209 Broadway, San Diego.
Rose Krasner (far left); Irving Krasner (behind the small table); Sam Krasner (far right).

Julius Krasner

Julius Krasner and Irving Krasner